Course curriculum

    1. Sensory Outings Approach to Dementia Activities for Memory Care Vol.1 3.5m

    2. Planning and Presenting Activities for the Various Stages of Dementia. Vol. 2 5.4m

    3. How to engage a person that has dementia in enjoyable activities. Vol.3 5.3m

    4. Keep Them Smiling

    5. Puzzles 4.4m

    6. Missing Letters 5.3m

    7. Lacing Cards with Yarn 4.4m

    8. Matching Playing Cards 3.3m

    9. Painting with Watercolors 4m

    10. Loops and Weaving 5.2m

    11. Flower Arranging 3.2m

    12. Nuts and Bolts 3.4m

    13. Puzzles Engagement Station

    14. Words & Letters Engagement Station

    15. Matching & Pairing Engagement Station

    16. Dementia Activities Training Course Evaluation

About this course

  • $75.00
  • 1 hour of video content
  • This course includes 14 videos on Sensory Outings Approach & dementia activity, eBook “Keep Them Smiling”, creating engagement stations, and certification. Expires 12 months.
  • Mobile, tablet, and computer.
  • When completed, visit completion page for certificate.

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